Last week of May already back in Budapest and with very low budget, a lot of motivation and support from my girlfriend. took my Clio (gogo) and i drove to Monte Negro to meet Dimitrje, Owner of the Camp Grab located on the banks of the river Tara, It’s considered the deepest canyon in Eastern Europe. It’s 150 km. long and more than 90 km are a deep canyon that can reach 1600 meters.clean blue water and a rich past of human history and surrounded by an old forest.

Tara River. Clean blue water and a past with many human history. Surrounded by an old forest.
Tara River – View from above Camp Grab.
Piva River – View from the bridge.
Some days of work at Camp Grab.

At the second day at the camp Grab something very cool happened. A friend of my Toki arrived from Slovenia with my new kayak (Critical Mass – Drago Rossi). Awesome! the first days i have slept next to the kayak.

First morning together 🙂
At the confluence with the Tara and Piva River. And this is the last person who is building this wooden raft and organizing trip for customers. Pretty amazing!
Lapping on the Piva River, that was real fun!!!
Scouting the entrance of the Pivorica Gorge
Komarica River

I have end up spending 3 weeks working and teaching LNT (Leave Not Trace) principles. Also paddling on the river Piva and Pivorica as well. It was incredible experience. I had met new friends, excellent food and a majestic landscape. Surely not be long before i return to the Tara River.

By: Fabian Alejandro Bonanno.


Choose your adventure! Enjoy the beautiful canyon of the Tara river!  Tara is the longest river in Montenegro, long 144km. It formed under Komovi of rivers Opasnica and Verusa and with river  Piva from Scepan Polje, near  the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, makes Drina. Tara  carved one of the biggest canyon gorge in the world, 78 km long, height of over 1300 meters, which makes Tara canyon deepest in Europe. This river is ideal for rafting and other water activities. An excursion to some place on  the very edges of the canyon is an adventure, because those are places which offer a magnificent view.Of these several , specialy should mark  Sokolina with its 1500m. From this place, on one side you see  panorama of Durmitor, and on the other  side Tara canyon  where the river flows.  All this beauty and attractions Tears of Europe does not mean anything until once you feel the cold and the taste of pure water, until you hear the sound of its rapids or enjoying the view from the cliffs of  canyon.And when you experience it all or  least part of it,it remains forever.



  1. RELAX: Kamp Grab 460m – View point Maricina Greda 1100m (walk)
  2. ADVENTURE: Kamp Grab 460m – View point Sokolina 1400m (mountain race)
  3. ULTRA ADVENTURE: Kamp Grab460m – Viewpoint Sokolina( running)
  • Start: Kamp Grab
  • Target: Top of Sokolina
  • Highest point: 1500m
  • Lowest point: 460m
  • Refreshing station x2 (sweets, fruit, water)
  • Control points x4
  • Required equipment: space blanket, whistle, first aid
  • Meeting with competitor on Friday June 26 at 20h. This is followed by the division of the starting numbers and information about  the race.
  • Start Ultra adventure race starts on Saturday 27th June at 8:00h.
  • Start Adventure and Relaxation category on Saturday 27th June at 8:30h.
  • After completing the race, competitors must by them self return down to the camp, except for runners who will have organized transport from the finish line.
  • Finish the race in 19h and awards at 20h

At runners  are ranked only the first three places in the men’s and women’s competition, and in adventure race only first places in both categories.

The prize fund will be later on published.

Applications shall be made by e-mail:  adventure.race2015@gmail.com

Payments are made on the bank account with a note on Adventure Weekend Grab (CKB 510-3870-70)

By filling out a form and paying the deposit, you become a participant of this unique adventure. In  the form you have offered adventure, and information on prices, accommodation and meals in the camp that await you during this incredible weekend.

Its on you to choose your adventure:  Rafting / Hydrospeed / Kany / Climbing / Abseiling

  • Deposit for Ultra adventure is 15,00 eur
  • Deposit for Relax and Adventure is 10,00 eur

Deadline for application is 15th of Jun

You can sing in after this date but price for deposit is higher.

End of this activities is in Sunday till 17h

Info Srbija +381 61 630 13 56     Info Crna Gora +382 69 634 258

A different, more beautiful world.

Could I have to have my own world and live in it?  Can I choose instead of the red carpet, I walk a muddy trail in the spring, and the green grass in the summer, or deep snow in cold winter !? Can my means of transportation be different, less expensive and less “glamorous”? Can my yacht be humble and to cross the waves that they can not !?

If you allow me I would have my own world, and I already have it. There, somewhere in the depths of the canyon of most beautiful river in the world, Tara. And I can tell you that many envy me, I have a job I love, this picture above is my office. Every day I have clients but not those who I can not wait to get rid of , these are some nice people looking for adventure, I am a man who gives them that. In my office I have no air conditioning, the air is clean and the “chair” comfortable. I unlike many do not run away from my office, but I am  looking forward and trying to stay in it as long as possible. At work, every day I learn something new, I am concentrated and focused, not playing solitaire to  pass the time, I listen to people and their stories, trying to learn their language, or maybe find out something more about the country or city they come from. People respect me and appreciate my work, is there any greater satisfaction than that ?! to me a single working day is not the same, I’m often asked “is it ever boring” ?! I do not blame them, they were not in my position … Someone is  searching for adventure whole life, I have it every day. Others pay their adventure, I pay for mine. I do not think about the time and days of the week,  weekend day is working day for me. Well, that’s the beauty of my job and the world in which I live there at Tara, in Grab.

My house has no pool, no three floors and it is quite modest, but I sleep soundly. I do not even have a roof nor saving light bulb, I have a thousand stars and moonlight, and when this is not enough  I smoke light a candle, just like the smell of candles, and the flame which is playing in the dark. So what is  my house like?

I know,it  is modest, but it has its charms, for the one who knows how to recognize them. Just look at the view … The only noise you hear is the roar of Tara, which I love so much. And the air I breathe, oh, that’s a different story. In this house, I do not have cares, no doors, no key. And is there anything more beautiful than a peaceful sleep ?!

I have neighbors, all the world’s people, not those who are like nagging grannys that are bothered by the slightest noise. I do not even argue with my neighbors, I do not have a fence  nor have they, and I do not mind when theyu go through my yard, for theirs is as mine. And now you can see my neighbors, so if you have any objections please feel free to contact me.

And my colleagues , oh about them I could write for days, but I’ll try to be brief. There’s all sorts of people: professors, architects, economists, cooks, drivers, creative people. Anyone good at what he does. We are different and the same. All with one goal. To satisfy those people who  like us came to enjoy nature and the beauty of our place.

On our table, forgive us, no caviar nor exotic dishes. We do not have cans but homemade food we have plentiful, and who loves it can enjoy it.

We light a fire to keep us warm at night and grow closer as we sit around and sip a glass of wine with the sounds of guitars and a musician in passing. And by the fire you can meet a writer, painter, dancer, the embassadors, princess, adventurer, bakers, doctors, pharmacists. All the colorful world. And in our world gathered .

Behold, I will still choose to have  my world like this, because to me there is beautiful.


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