First day

  • Arrival at GRAB ethno village and camp
  • Accommodation at bungalows or tents
  • Choosing all necessary equipment for kayaking
  • Dinner in beautiful surroundings above the river, hanging out by the campfire

Second day

  • Breakfast
  • Transportation from GRAB ethno village and camp to Sljivansko, kayaking starting point
  • Continue kayaking to Radovan Luka, the most beautiful part of the National Park Durmitor and Tara
  • Stops through the places available for rest with great possibilities for video shooting, followed by a light lunch
  • Arrival at Radovan Luka
  • Accommodation at motel or tents
  • Dinner

Third day

  • Breakfast
  • Kayaking continue from Radovan Luka to Scepan Polje
  • Stops through the places available for rest with great possibilities for video shooting, followed by a light lunch
  • Arrival at Scepan Polje and transporting to GRAB ethno village and camp, around 5 p.m.
  • Accommodation at bungalows or tents
  • Dinner with specialties of the region, hanging out by the campfire

Fourth day

  • Breakfast at 9 a.m.
  • Transporting to Piva river, starting point
  • Kayaking through Piva river
  • Stops through the places available for rest with great possibilities for video shooting
  • Continue kayaking until the end of Piva river
  • Transporting to GRAB ethno village and camp
  • Lunch (appetizer, soup, main course and dessert)
  • Accommodation at bungalows or tents
  • Dinner with specialties of the region, hanging out by the campfire

Fifth day

  • Breakfast at 9 a.m.
  • Transporting to Komarnica river
  • Walking on single trail through the forest to the Komarnica river, starting point
  • Kayaking through Komarnica river, the most beautiful part of the Piva mountain region
  • Stops through the places available for rest with great possibilities for video shooting, followed by a light lunch
  • Continue kayaking to the end of Komarnica river and entrance to lake Piva
  • Transporting over the Piva lake with the boat to the end of kayak trip day
  • Transporting to GRAB ethno village and camp
  • Accommodation at bungalows or tents
  • Dinner with specialties of the region, hanging out by the campfire

Sixth day

  • Breakfast at 9 a.m.
  • Departure

The price includes

  • Accommodation for five nights.
  • Transportation during the program
  • Car parking
  • 107km of kayaking
  • Meals: 14
  • Horse carrying equipment on Komarnica river
  • Boat trip on Piva lake
  • Kayak and all necessary equipment
  • Kayaking tax through the National Park Durmitor
  • National Park Durmitor fee
  • Stay tax for five nights
  • The kayak guide

 The price doesn’t include

  • Fee of the Regional park of nature Piva (1€ per person)
  • Kayaking tax (12€ per person)


Possible surcharge for the room.

Program is suitable for experienced paddlers who are able to paddle for 3-4 hours in a day, on Class II / III / IV.

Possible to avoid the Class IV of the river and organize transport to GRAB ethno village and camp.

Depending of water level, replacement for another river is possible.

Private transportation can be organized from every place, to GRAB ethno village and camp.

PLACE OF MEETING / Grab ethno village and camp in the afternoon
RAFTING TOUR / Radovan luka – Camp Grab
MEALS INCLUDED / 4 meals and an overnight
CLASS OF THE RIVER / II, III, IV depending on the period of the year
TIME ON THE WATER/ about 4-5 hours


  • Meeting of participants in ethno village and camp GRAB in the afternoon
  • Accommodation in bungalows or rooms (surcharge for rooms)
  • Choosing the equipment required for rafting that will be packed for transport
  • Dinner in beautiful surroundings above the river, hanging out by the campfire under savardak and on open terraces


  • Breakfast, freshly prepared meals, local cuisine
  • Departure to Photo Safari from camp Grab (470m)
  • Going to the top of the canyon and a beautiful panorama view of the rivers Tara, Piva and Drina
  • Continuation of the road through the village of Polje Crkvicko (1100m)
  • Through the Borje forest you will observe the flora and fauna, with the possibility of seeing some of the wild animals
  • Rising to the Piva mountain (1300-1400m)
  • Passing by the mountain villages and pastures: Jerenici, Ninkovici, Bojati, Vojvodici
  • Arrival in the picturesque village Nedajno, on the edge of Susica canyon, from where the view extends to the village of Small Montenegro and Durmitor. The moment to make unforgettable photos. There are also rural households in which you can consume drinks and food (extra charge)
  • Going down from the plateau of Piva into the canyon of Susica, which is the center of the National Park Durmitor. In the spring months it is possible to see a crystal clear lake that, unfortunately, dries in the summer and that’s how Susica got a name
  • Steep serpentines, along with the beautiful landscape, will lead you to the Durmitor highlands and the village of Small Montenegro, which lies between the two canyons, Susica and Tara, and which is separated from the civilization for a long period of winter by the high Durmitor
  • Next is the crossing over Durmitor’s saddle Stuoc (1900m) and the view of the rock Obzir, the place where the Tara canyon is the deepest
  • Continuation of the road over Durmitor, view of Zabljak, whose panorama with the Black lake you can record using your cameras. Position from which you can see almost all the peaks of Durmitor
  • After a short ride you will come to one of the most beautiful and most visited viewpoints on Durmitor – Curevac, from where can be seen the village in the canyon of Tara, Tepca and our goal Radovan Luka as well as the village on the other side of the canyon Ogradjenica. This last section is a macadam road and it leads us to our destination for the begining of rafting
  • Arriving at Radovan luka, have a lunch (newly opened luxury hotel)
  • Getting dressed and equipping for rafting
  • Preparations and training for rafting
  • Beginning of the rafting through the peaceful but also the most beautiful part of the Tara River Canyon
  • You will enjoy the landscapes of the green canyon, the waterfalls you are passing. Also, you will explore with our guides and make unforgettable photos. In the second part of the rafting you will meet with the most exciting rapids on the river, the adrenaline will make you never forget Tara. Don’t worry, you are safe with our guides
  • Rafting ends at Camp Grab where you have a welcome drink
  • Dressing and returning the rafting equipment
  • Dinner, rafting meal on the coast of Tara river, specialties of local cuisine prepared in a traditional way
  • OPTIONAL FOR EXTRA CHARGE: overnight, breakfast
  • Check out or the possibility of extending an active vacation


PRICE: from 180,00 EUR (depending on the selected accommodation)

The price includes

  • Transport during the program
  • Free parking
  • Rafting Radovan luka – Grab 30km
  • Insurance
  • All meals during the program
  • An overnight
  • Welcome drink
  • Complete rafting equipment
  • Licensed IRF Guide
  • Fees of NP Durmitor and RP Piva and staying tax

The price doesn’t include

  • Photos
  • Drinks


Bring a light wardrobe in which you were traveling, a jacket for evening hours, battery, sunscreen, and swimsuit.
We do not recommend wearing electronic equipment that is not waterproof, glasses and things that can easily be lost.

In combination with wild, untouched nature and beautiful beaches, fishing in Montenegro is a beautiful adventure.
Typical for every montenegrin river is that they are all very clear.
Tara, known as the “Tear of Europe”, for it’s extremely clean water, is rich with Salmonidae fish.


Download Fishing

This one day, whitewater kayak instruction course is predicted to meet beginner paddlers with the sport of whitewater kayaking.

This includes:

  • Food
  • Kayak and all necessary equipment
  • Adaptation to the equipment, how to prepare a kayak for yourself
  • Learning the basic paddle strokes, how to use the paddle properly
  • Learning the stable posture in a kayak and how to keep in the right direction


The force of nature, the spirit of adventure, the adrenaline that surges in a peak of emotions… will make you return home changed by this experience!
Our center was the first in Montenegro to introduce hydrospeed on Tara river.
A brief lesson and a first short excursion on the river, accompanied by an expert guide, are enough to introduce you to this exciting and emotional sport.

The equipment is supplied by the rafting center: Neoprene boots and suits, flippers, helmets and life jackets.
It is necessary to bring, a swimming costume.

HEAVIER OPTION: Brštanovica – GRAB ethno village and camp (about 6 km), duration: one and half – two hours
EASIER OPTION: GRAB ethno village and camp – Šćepan polje (about 6 km), duration: one and half – two hours
TRIAL VERSION: Grab rapids, duration: about 10 min

If group have minimum 5 person TRANSFER is FREE of charge!





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