1) What do I have to wear for rafting?

The camp supplies the necessary equipment: diving suit,, helmet, life vest, wetsuits booties, etc. To bring with (not supplied): – swimsuit

2) By bad weather?

Whitewater rafting will still go ahead if it is raining, you are going to get wet anyway and the river is normally at its’ best then. We will not refund if you decide to cancel at short notice due to rain or bad weather.

3) When the rafting season starts?

Our season usually starts May 1st and runs into October. Those who want a little extra excitement should go in April during the peak snowmelt run off. Around late May, the weather starts to get hot and the river stays at a consistent level for the rest of the summer.

4) Do I have to be able to swim?

Yes. You have to be able to swim.

5) Is there enough security?

Even if many activities are totally safe we enhance the environment and offer complete security. Experienced instructors will give all the necessary info and support before and during the activity. Technical equipment is supplied before starting.

6) Can I bring my camera?

We recommend that cameras are left behind at the camp as we cannot guarantee their safety against damage even if waterproof. However if you would still like to take a camera on the rafting trip, we recommend the cheap disposable waterproof cameras. Otherwise there is professional photography available for purchase upon completion of your trip.

7) It is dangerous?

Experienced instructors will give you all the necessary info and support before and during the activity. The safety equipment, life vest, helmet etc. are always supplied before starting..

8) Is it necessary to have rafting experience?

No, it is not necessary. For rafting you do not need nor training nor experience but a good relationship with water. Anyway for some special rafting it is necessary to have previous experience.

9) Do I need to tip my guide?

If you feel that you would like to show your appreciation, that is totally at your discretion.



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