April 30
-Arrival at Camp Grab
-Hanging by the campfire
-Overnight in rooms or bungalows

May 01
-Preparation for rafting
-Overnight in rooms or bungalows

May 02

FIRST MINUTE PRICE – € 80.00 (Until March 15th)

Program price includes:
-Accommodation (rooms, bungalows)
-Full board

-Possible to pay in several installments


+382 (0)40 200 598



This year as well as the previous five, for you, we organize a Yoga camp on the coast of Tara, in the beautiful surroundings of Camp Grab. Since we have enjoyed this truly beautiful and unique event so far, it is our task to be at the level that we have previously set up and make this camp unforgettable, too. Yoga Camp is an event where we will have an opportunity to learn a lot of new things, get some new acquaintances and, most importantly, deprive ourselves of stress and purify the soul and body.

The program of the camp includes the introduction of this ancient skill, morning and afternoon yoga exercises, breathing exercises, vegetarian food, meditation hours, walks, socializing and staying in nature. The camp is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience, age, sex, fitness, etc., so you can invite friends, colleagues, parents, partners, etc. – everyone is welcome. For those who have not practiced yoga until now, this will be a perfect opportunity to get to know it.

At the camp you will be surrounded by mountains and thick beech and oak forest with a view of Tara. Also, Grab has its own beach where you can enjoy the morning bathing and resting by the river. If you want to get away from the city bustle briefly and stay in a quiet place in unspoiled nature – this is the place.

As you can see, we have prepared a really interesting program, so do not hesitate to book your place on time.

The program includes: yoga classes, transport Niksic – Camp Grab – Niksic, two overnight stays, accommodation (tents, bungalows or rooms), full board and photos.

PLEASE TAKE: personal documents, yoga mats.

The Yoga Camp is ideal for relieving stress and everyday concerns, as well as for the overall well-being of the body and soul.

Info and reservations by calling +382 67 220 233 and via e-mail

The camp will be organized for a group of at least 10 people


The seventh “Fitness Camp Tara” will be held in the period from 02.07 – 04.07.2021, on the well-known location, Camp Grab. Last 3 years we introduced the most popular group training in the world from the Les Mills program, which will be a main part of this year’s Camp. Also, last year we had the competitive part of the program, which will be significantly richer this year. Of course, besides everything that awaits you, rafting is included – the adrenaline downhill of the Tara River, 16 km long. Since we take care of the entertainment, Saturday night is reserved for a party on the banks of the Tara River. As always, we guarantee great company, hard training and great fun!

The program will look like this:

02.07. Friday
– 17:00h Arrival
– 19:00h Training
– 21:00h Dinner

03.07. Saturday
– 08:00h Training
– 09:00h Breakfast
– 10:00h Rafting
– 14:00h Lunch
– 18:30h Training
– 21:00h Dinner

04.07. Sunday
– 08:00h Training
– 09:00h Breakfast
– 12:00h Departure


More information on contact number 069/584-548


Kayak fest Tara 2021  is the first international festival of white water kayak in Montenegro and it’s region. During three days of festival, nature and white water enthusiasts will be able to enjoy in the kayak competition, kayak training, music program and the beauty of rivers and other natural gems of Montenegro. The aim of this festival is to promote white water kayaking, but also the natural beauty of Montenegro.

The unique geographical position of Montenegro makes it a home of many pristine canyons and wild rivers. Our rivers are among the most beautiful ones in Europe because of their purity and incredible mixture of turquoise with emerald color in the deeper sources. The impressive landscapes, magnificent canyons, crystal clear water with wild rapids and whirlpools will make paddling a memorable experience for every kayaker. Montenegro has over 15 sections for paddling in classes 1-5, which makes it a unique paradise for kayakers worldwide.

Kayak Fest Tara 2021 will be held at one of the most beautiful sites on the entire course of the river Tara – camp Grab. Grab is located on the bank of the river Tara, 9 km from Scepan Polje, in the heart of oak and beech forest. On the lower level next to the river there are hosting facilities, bar, restaurant and terrace overlooking the river. On the upper level there are accommodation units (rooms with private bathroom), bungalows, tents. All units offer views of the surrounding mountains.

The whole event will be constantly followed by the music from the DJ stage.

You don’t have to be a paddler to attend Kayak Fest! All of you that are interested are more than welcome and can participate in various activities at the camp, attend a party or just spectate.

For more info please visit:

Discover the beauty and elegance of wild and preserved nature.
We will explore mountains, lakes and meadows in an unforgettable experience of biking the mountain trails of Montenegro.

At Anitra we offer biking arrangements on Piva and Durmitor mountains where you will have the opportunity to experience the traditional way of life in katuns and villages, and enjoy panoramic views over the surrounding mountains and pastures.

Piva mountain lies in the southwest of Montenegro near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Like several other areas in Montenegro, including the Durmitor National Park, Piva is characterized by extreme, untouched natural beauty.
The landscape is marked by dense stands of trees and canyons formed by the Tara, Piva, Komarnica and Susica rivers. This system of rivers and deep canyons is relatively unknown and unlike any other in the world.
The Piva River, which lends its name to the region, springs from the Sinjac spring on Golija Mountain. Nearby, an impressive structure called Piva Monastery marks the spot where the Golija Mountain gives birth to the mighty Piva River.
Each canyon coursing through the Piva region has its own distinct features. The region’s large amount of water, combined with its formation as a limestone plateau, give rise to limestone caverns, depressions, and fissures that run deeply through the the region, sometimes for many kilometers.

The biking trails that we use, are mostly in the deep conifer forests.
The trails are suitable for all types of bikes, using the natural terrain and
macadam surfaces. The fresh mountain air and beautiful landscapes will give you a peaceful and a pleasant vacation.

For more information about biking programs please contact us on:


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In combination with wild, untouched nature and beautiful beaches, fishing in Montenegro is a beautiful adventure.
Typical for every montenegrin river is that they are all very clear.
Tara, known as the “Tear of Europe”, for it’s extremely clean water, is rich with Salmonidae fish.


Download Fishing


Montenegro is a hiker’s paradise. With the stunning scenery and beautiful panoramic views afforded from the mountains, hiking in Montenegro can be as relaxed or as challenging as you wish it to be.
The northern mountains offer hikes at an intermediate level, and these trails are suitable:

HIKING SOKOLINA – easier option

* GRAB ethno village and camp 460m – SOKOLINA 1400m

Note: GRAB ethno village and camp – Crkvicko polje = 15min by car, Crkvicko polje – Sokolina = Hiking about 4km – 90min one way

To realize the program is necessary to have min 3 persons, otherwise rates are increased.

HIKING SOKOLINA – heavier option

* GRAB ethno village and camp 460m – SOKOLINA 1400m

Note: GRAB ethno village and camp 460m – Maricina greda 1100m – Sokolina 1400m = Hiking about 5km – 2h one way

To realize the program is necessary to have min 3 persons, otherwise rates are increased.

For more information about HIKING programs please contact our agency:


It takes about 8 hours, in a lenght of 110km

  • GRAB ethno village and camp – Starting point
  • ČOLOVA GREDA 1062m Panoramic view of Piva, Tara and Drina canyon
  • CRKVIČKO FIELD 1110m Passing through the village Crkvicko field and coming to a rural house 1302m
  • The walk to the viewpoint from which you can see canyon of Piva 1400m. Back to the rural house, a short break and the ability to taste and purchase local products
  • Continued tours to BOROVA GLAVA 1418m offering a panoramic view to the deepest part of the canyon Tara and Durmitor mountain. Through pine forest to the Borova glava. Hike to the view point Borova glava and gazing panoramas
  • Through the mountain village NEDAJNO. View of the CANYON SUSICA 1480m and nearby peaks of DURMITOR mountain
  • Canyon SUŠICA and DURMITOR mountain observing panorama
  •  Continuation to TRSA. Coffee break on the Trsa
  •  From Pisce to the intersection with village BORICJE. The panoramic view of the plateau and peaks BIOC, and VOLUJAK. From Pisce to the village Boricje 1200m.
  •  The journey continues with short breaks for shooting KATUN
  • DUBLJEVICI 1400m overlooking the CANYON KOMARNICA. To the ĐATLO BRIDGE, and ethno village IZLAZAK
  • Lunch and rest in ethno village Izlazak, overlooking the canyon Komarnica. After lunch, return to GRAB ethno village and camp over RUDINICE
  • Arrival in camp GRAB ethno village and camp


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+382 (0) 69 101 002

+382 (0) 40 200 598, +382 (0) 69 101 003