This 3-day whitewater kayak instruction course is designed to introduce beginner paddlers to the sport of whitewater kayaking.

This includes:

  •  Outfitting a kayak
  •  Wet exits
  •  T-rescues, swimming and self-rescue
  •  Body positioning
  •  Strokes, edging and bracing techniques
  •  Reading rivers and hydrology
  •  Eddy turns, peel-outs and ferrying across the current
  •  Scouting rapids
  •  Basic safety precautions
  •  Paddling through class I-II whitewater

Mostly, we want to share our passion and enthusiasm for whitewater kayaking with you. This course includes all equipment necessary.

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Kayak fest Tara 2018  is the first international festival of white water kayak in Montenegro and it’s region. During three days of festival, nature and white water enthusiasts will be able to enjoy in the kayak competition, kayak training, music program and the beauty of rivers and other natural gems of Montenegro. The aim of this festival is to promote white water kayaking, but also the natural beauty of Montenegro.

The unique geographical position of Montenegro makes it a home of many pristine canyons and wild rivers. Our rivers are among the most beautiful ones in Europe because of their purity and incredible mixture of turquoise with emerald color in the deeper sources. The impressive landscapes, magnificent canyons, crystal clear water with wild rapids and whirlpools will make paddling a memorable experience for every kayaker. Montenegro has over 15 sections for paddling in classes 1-5, which makes it a unique paradise for kayakers worldwide.

Kayak Fest Tara 2018 will be held at one of the most beautiful sites on the entire course of the river Tara – camp Grab. The whole event will be constantly followed by the music from the DJ stage.

You don’t have to be a paddler to attend Kayak Fest! All of you that are interested are more than welcome and can participate in various activities at the camp, attend a party or just spectate.

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Last week of May already back in Budapest and with very low budget, a lot of motivation and support from my girlfriend. took my Clio (gogo) and i drove to Monte Negro to meet Dimitrje, Owner of the Camp Grab located on the banks of the river Tara, It’s considered the deepest canyon in Eastern Europe. It’s 150 km. long and more than 90 km are a deep canyon that can reach 1600 meters.clean blue water and a rich past of human history and surrounded by an old forest.

Tara River. Clean blue water and a past with many human history. Surrounded by an old forest.
Tara River – View from above Camp Grab.
Piva River – View from the bridge.
Some days of work at Camp Grab.

At the second day at the camp Grab something very cool happened. A friend of my Toki arrived from Slovenia with my new kayak (Critical Mass – Drago Rossi). Awesome! the first days i have slept next to the kayak.

First morning together 🙂
At the confluence with the Tara and Piva River. And this is the last person who is building this wooden raft and organizing trip for customers. Pretty amazing!
Lapping on the Piva River, that was real fun!!!
Scouting the entrance of the Pivorica Gorge
Komarica River

I have end up spending 3 weeks working and teaching LNT (Leave Not Trace) principles. Also paddling on the river Piva and Pivorica as well. It was incredible experience. I had met new friends, excellent food and a majestic landscape. Surely not be long before i return to the Tara River.

By: Fabian Alejandro Bonanno.



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