In combination with wild, untouched nature and beautiful beaches, fishing in Montenegro is a beautiful adventure.
Typical for every montenegrin river is that they are all very clear.
Tara, known as the “Tear of Europe”, for it’s extremely clean water, is rich with Salmonidae fish.


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Montenegro is a hiker’s paradise. With the stunning scenery and beautiful panoramic views afforded from the mountains, hiking in Montenegro can be as relaxed or as challenging as you wish it to be.
The northern mountains offer hikes at an intermediate level, and these trails are suitable:

HIKING SOKOLINA – easier option

* GRAB ethno village and camp 460m – SOKOLINA 1400m

Note: GRAB ethno village and camp – Crkvicko polje = 15min by car, Crkvicko polje – Sokolina = Hiking about 4km – 90min one way

To realize the program is necessary to have min 3 persons, otherwise rates are increased.

HIKING SOKOLINA – heavier option

* GRAB ethno village and camp 460m – SOKOLINA 1400m

Note: GRAB ethno village and camp 460m – Maricina greda 1100m – Sokolina 1400m = Hiking about 5km – 2h one way

To realize the program is necessary to have min 3 persons, otherwise rates are increased.

For more information about HIKING programs please contact our agency:

PHOTO SAFARI TWO CANYONS -Piva and Tara canyon

It takes about 3 hours in a lenght of 45km

  •  GRAB ethno village and camp 480m – Starting point
  •  ČOLOVA BEAM 1062m Panoramic view of Piva, Tara and Drina canyon.
  •  CRKVIČKO FIELD 1110m Passing through the village Crkvicko field and coming to a rural house 1302m. The walk to the viewpoint from which you can see canyon of Piva 1400m. Back to the rural house, a short break and the ability to taste and purchase local products.
  •  Continue tour to BOROVA GLAVA 1418m, offering a panoramic view to the deepest part of the canyon Tara and Durmitor mountain. Through pine forest to the Borova glava. Hike to the view point Borova glava and gazing panoramas .
  •  Back on the way to a forest path through BORJE, pine forest . Stop to the source of cold drinking water. The possibility of an encounter with wild animals .
  •  Over Crkvičko field through the Tara Canyon and GRAB ethno village and camp. Panoramic view of the landscape of canyon in the evening.
  •  Arrival in GRAB ethno village and camp



1 DAY – Arrival at the Grab Camp and accomodation
2 DAY – Rafting one day 16km
3 DAY – Photosafari (TWO canyons, THREE canyons, FOUR canyons)
4 DAY – Cruise in Piva lake
5 DAY – Rest and activitu at the camp
6 DAY – Leaving in the afternoon

For more information about every arangements and also for reservations, contact us !

Lake Piva was formed after the Piva River was dammed to generate hydrologic power in 1975. The headwaters of the Piva are now blocked to form an artificial lake and hydrological dam called Lake Piva. It is long 45km and deep up to 200m. The elevation is 675m from the sea level, making it the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world. On the bottom of the lake there is the old town Plužine. The water of Piva lake is clear and drinkable.
Cruise in Piva lake represents a real enjoyment and offers you relaxing, peaceful day on a lake, in natural environment, with beautiful views and calming fresh air. Cruise includes driving with boats from Pluzine through small backwater of Piva lake (15 km in one direction). You can see the places as “Resetka” , “Zapisnik” , “Laz” ,
“Mioc” , “Krusevo”.

One day

Price does not contain breakfast and dinner in GRAB ethno village and camp ( if camp is starting point ).
Price does not contain insurance tax 1.00 euro and 0.50 euro
Conditions of payment: mortar 30% straightway, the rest till program is realized.


Tour around Durmitor mountain

  •  Tour start from GRAB ethno village and camp at 10h
  •  GRAB ethno village and camp 500 m
  •  Crkvicko Field 110 m, panoramic view of Tara canyon
  •  Borje 1418 m
  •  Nikovici 1365 m mountain village and panoramic view of mouth of river Susica in to
  •  Nedajno 1439 m village on the edge of Susica canyon, unforgettable view of Durmitor mountain
  •  Coming down in Susica canyon and Susica lake 100 m
  •  Village of little Montenegro between two canyons Susica and Tara 1500 m
  •  Great Stuoc highest point between Tara canyon 2104 m
  •  Zabljak mountain , town and famous tourist resort 1420 m
  •  Virak village and peak Stozina 1905 m, reaching Sedlo 1908 m, panoramic view on
    Modro lake, Valovito lake, sedlece grede etc…
  •  We continue over Todor valley which is under the most beautiful peak of Durmitor,
    Prutas 2300 m
  •  We crossing again in Piva mountain cattle village Pisce 1390 m and Trsa 1450 m
  •  In Trsa we can decide the way of our return to GRAB ethno village and camp. We can use asphalt road alongside Piva lake or once again over Nikovic and Crkvicko field
  •  During tour lunch in mountain ambience with domestic specialities made on the ground
  •  Length of tour is 126 km, duration of tour is to the late evening hours which will dependon our breaks for camera shooting and photo safari

Price does not contain 1.00eur per day stay tax and 1.00 per day insurance tax.
Minimum number of passengers 4+1.
Conditions for payment: mortar 30% straightway, the rest till program is realize


Probably one of the best extreme adrenaline activities around to live nature at 100%! Canyoning is an absolutely unforgettable experience! It is a mixture of sliding, swimming, climbing, jumping down waterfalls, jumping off cliffs and high banks into deep plunge pools. It’s a real adrenaline rush!

Canyon Nevidio is located in central part of Montenegro on slopes of Mount Durmitor.
It was conquered 1965 for the first time, till that year it “haven’t been seen” which probably is the main reason for it’s name. It is the last conquered canyon in Europe and still one of the less visited places. Canyon is 3 km long, with number of waterfalls, whirls and passages made by the water. In some places Nevidio cliffs are half meter wide and 400m high.
Canyon is being passed during one day with special equipment (diving-suit, alpinist gear) with well experienced guides. First time you enter the canyon, you’ll stay speechless. It represents the right adventure and excitement, if you are looking for a new experience, full of adrenaline.




PLACE OF MEETING / Grab ethno village and camp in the afternoon
RAFTING TOUR / Sljivansko – Camp Grab
MEALS INCLUDED / 7 meals and 2 overnights
CLASS OF THE RIVER / II, III, IV depending on the period of the year
TIME ON THE WATER/ about 6 hours


  • Meeting of participants in ethno village and camp GRAB in the afternoon
  • Accommodation in bungalows or rooms (surcharge for rooms)
  • Choosing the equipment required for rafting that will be packed for transport
  • Dinner in beautiful surroundings above the river, hanging out by the campfire under savardak and on open terraces


  • Breakfast, freshly prepared meals, local cuisine
  • Departure from Camp Grab (470m) to the starting point for rafting Sljivansko (bridge on Tara river)
  • On the road to Sljivansko, we are going over the Piva mountain, the authentic villages of Pisce, Trsa (1450m), the peak Sedlo (1908m), with a view of Zabljak (1421m)
  • Arrival to Sljivansko, 3km upstream of the bridge at Djurdjevica Tara
  • Getting dressed, equipping and preparing for rafting
  • Rafting to Radovan luka takes about 4 hours, depending on the water level, with breaks for lunch, taking photos and swimming
  • On this part of the river you will find the Djurdjevica Tara bridge (165m), Archangel Michael’s monastery (from the 14th century), Adzija’s buk, Zugic’s port, Musovic’s springs, Laza’s stone. Going past the White springs, one of the more interesting places
  • Arrival at Radovan luka, a place for the overnight and a rest in the National Park Durmitor
  • Dinner in the open next to a campfire, accommodation in a motel Radovan luka or in tents


  • Breakfast
  • Continue rafting through the most beautiful part of Durmitor and Tara National Park
  • Rafting through more peaceful but the most beautiful part of the canyon. We reach the village Tepca (the place where canyon is the deepest), Sige Bajlovica, canyon of Susica river, camp Brstanovica, from where the most exciting rapids on the river begin. Adrenaline will make you remember Tara
  • Lunch (lunch package)
  • Rafting ends at Camp Grab where you have a welcome drink
  • Dressing and returning the rafting equipment
  • Dinner, rafting meal on the coast of Tara river, specialties of local cuisine prepared in a traditional way
  • Check out or the possibility of extending the program


PRICE: from 200,00 EUR (depending on the selected accommodation)

The price includes

  • Transport during the program
  • Free parking
  • Rafting Sljivansko – Grab 50km
  • Insurance
  • All meals during the program
  • 2 overnights
  • Welcome drink
  • Complete rafting equipment
  • Licensed IRF Guide
  • Fees of NP Durmitor and RP Piva and staying tax

The price doesn’t include

  • Photos
  • Drinks


Bring a light wardrobe in which you were traveling, a jacket for evening hours, battery, sunscreen, and swimsuit.
We do not recommend wearing electronic equipment that is not waterproof, glasses and things that can easily be lost.


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